Bathroom Floor Remodeling


Tile flooring a kitchen or hallway and flooring a bathroom are two very different things. The bigger the space the easier it is to tile. Bathrooms can be notoriously hard to do flooring in bc if everything is not spaced perfectly it will not look good at all.

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The Better Bathroom options are:

Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Natural Stone Tile

Full Bathroom Remodeling

Ceramic or Porcelain tile are the most often requested from home owners today. They are very durable, built to last 20 years with vary minimal upkeep if installed correctly.

Ceramic is generally cheaper than porcelain tile but are also generally less expensive as well. Tile prices vary greatly depending on size, color, design, patterns, etc. there are lots of different styles and patterns.

Prices depend on:

  • SQ footage of bathroom
  • Type of Tile being used
  • If any patterns in tile
  • Existing Flooring

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Why Remodel your master bathroom?

For starters the bathroom is one of the most fun rooms to remodel in your house (women tend to think so anyways) AND if you resell your house the Return On Investment for a bathroom remodel is extremely high. Remodeling Magazine last year showed a 72.5% national average return on bathroom remodels! So its not only a fun remodel it also actually makes sense.

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