Bathtub Installation


If your bathtub is needing replaced or you have a shower only and want one installed we can do that! We use high quality acrylic molded to fit whatever enclosure area that you have available. We can then do a custom bath surround of acrylic or tile or solid stone such as quartz wall surround.

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There are 3 main types of bathtub installations that we do

  • Acrylic bathtub and acrylic wall surround installation
  • Acrylic bathtub and tile or Solid stone wall surround in
  • “Drop Tub” installation – This is where a bathtub is “dropped” into a tile covered surround (this is when there is a seperate shower.

These are our most common. Acrylic bathtub with either an Acrylic or tile wall surround or a bathtub surrounded by a tiled box.

There are two other bathtub options available but are quite a bit more costly: Stand Alone Bathtub and Jacuzzi Tub

We can install both of these but most stand alone bathtubs and most jacuzzi tubs can cost 2-4x more than a regular one.

As a side note, to meet building code as required by Arizona law Jacuzzi tubs have to have a dedicated electrical line to the breaker box that to be compliant with Arizona building code must be installed by a licensed electrician. When we install Jacuzzi tubs we have a licensed electrician do this. Because of the amount of electricity this uses installing one improperly could have some repercussions to your house if you tried to save money.