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Showers come in many different shapes and sizes and we remodel them all!

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Are you looking for a new tub and a tile wall?

Showers with either fall into one of two categories:

Real stone slabs

Real stone slabs are gaining in popularity for a number of reasons including:

  • Sealed and WaterProof
  • Groutless – Easy to Clean
  • Real Stone Look
  • Free From Fading

We buy these in big panels and they can be customized on site to fit the shower area you need. Tavertine and Marble are available in multiple different colors and look simply amazing.

These real stone slabs look amazing and are soooo much cleaner looking than tile we almost hate to put tile in anymore when you bathroom can look this good!

Tile Wall Surrounds

Also we do tile wall surrounds. These are going out of style some but are still very popular with homeownwers. Most home owners have not seen or if they have seen solid stone slab showers didnt think they were affordable but they are more affordable than one would think!

Acrylic wall surrounds

Acrylic is synthetic thermo plastic wall surrounds that are already pre formed and pre molded and pre painted. Acrylic is very affordable and customizable to different bathrooms and budgets.

Acrylic showers are nice because they are mold and mildew resistant. They are low maintenance, no grout lines, and easy to clean. This is solid acrylic showers. One is a shower only the other is a tub and shower combo both in acrylic.

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Why Remodel your master bathroom?

For starters the bathroom is one of the most fun rooms to remodel in your house (women tend to think so anyways) AND if you resell your house the Return On Investment for a bathroom remodel is extremely high. Remodeling Magazine last year showed a 72.5% national average return on bathroom remodels! So its not only a fun remodel it also actually makes sense.

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