Tub to shower conversions


In todays fast paced world some people are tired of their bathtub and want to convert it to a shower and we understand! Some people wouldn’t give up their bathtub for anything in the world and we understand that too, we’re bathroom people.

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Our tub to shower process

  • Set up a Free No obligation consultation and let us see your
    current bathroom and situation
  • Set up a start date
  • Remove current bathtub
  • Move any plumbing that needs relocating
  • Install shower base
  • Install wall surround (Solid stone, tile, or acrylic)
  • Install hardware
  • Clean thoroughly

Most people choose some sort of glass doors
but there are many options

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Pop out glass doors
  • Sliding or pop out plastic doors
  • Shower rod
  • No doors – walk in wrap around shower

This would be in addition to us tearing out and removing all of your old showers, tubs, vanities, cabinets and tile flooring.

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When doing a tub to shower conversion please keep in mind that while anything is possible but if you want to change the layout of a bathroom such as adding square footage or moving plumbing around you really need to make sure someone that is licensed and bonded does your job! If interested in moving things around please contact us at 480-4-BETTER and we will be able to get someone out there to show you what all is possible with your bathroom!