Designing A Master Bathroom With Accessibility In Mind

Creating a master bathroom that is both luxurious and accessible can transform your daily routine and enhance the overall functionality of your space. At Better Bath Remodeling in Phoenix, we believe that everyone deserves a bathroom that is not only beautiful but also inclusive and accommodating to individuals of all abilities. Let's explore four essential tips for designing a master bathroom with accessibility in mind. Get a free quote today.

shower with handicap bars

Safety Features

One essential tip to consider when designing a master bathroom with accessibility in mind is to prioritize safety features. Installing grab bars near the toilet and in the shower can provide stability and support for individuals with limited mobility. Non-slip flooring is also crucial to prevent slips and falls, especially in wet areas. At our bathroom remodeling company in Phoenix, we understand the importance of creating a safe and accessible space for everyone to enjoy.

bathroom with grab bars


Another important aspect to focus on is the layout of the master bathroom. Ensure that there is enough space for maneuverability, especially for individuals using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers. Consider incorporating a walk-in shower with a curbless entry for easy access. Our bathroom contractors at Better Bath Remodeling can help optimize the layout of your master bathroom to enhance accessibility without compromising on style.

shower with bench

Adjustable Feature

Incorporating adjustable features in your bathroom renovation in Phoenix can also greatly improve accessibility. Consider installing a shower bench that can be easily folded up when not in use, or a handheld showerhead with adjustable height settings. These features can accommodate individuals with varying needs and enhance comfort and convenience in the bathroom.

bathroom lighting


Finally, paying attention to lighting and contrast can make a significant difference in accessibility. Ensure that the master bathroom is well-lit to reduce shadows and make it easier to navigate. Contrasting colors between surfaces, fixtures, and grab bars can help individuals with visual impairments distinguish between different elements in the space.


At Better Bath Remodeling, a local bathroom contractor in the Phoenix, Arizona, area we are dedicated to creating accessible and inclusive spaces with our bathroom renovation services that prioritize both functionality and style. Get a free quote today.

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